Reflection Week One – 12/2/17 and Two – 19/2/17

This has been the week of Educational Visits to Budapest and Berlin. I myself did not go on one of these trips, so this week I have been thinking about ideas for my final major project and what to present for my pitch in front of the class and my lectures.

In stage one on the media course, we had a project called ‘Photography and Cinema’, where we looked at cinematographers and narrative photography. I really enjoyed this project because we had to create a staged and controlled image, meaning the models were positioned. I enjoyed this as it meant everything had to be controlled: the setting, the lighting and the model poses and expressions, so everything was visually how I wanted it to look.

Looking back on my cinematography project I therefore have been thinking about staged narrative photography for my final project, as this is something I feel most confident in. I have found any documentary work I have done in the past has been random and lacking any in depth contextual research. Focusing on staged/ narrative photography will make me more focused and inclined to write about theory, set design, lighting, costume, character, pose and expression, which will in turn give me more experimentation and research for my final major project.

As I wanted my work to be cinematic, I began to think about how exaggerated characters in films transcend to an audience, similarly to how photography makes us see the fantastic everyday in a mundane world, this is why I started to look at hyper-reality, looking at artists such as Cindy Sherman:

and Alex Prager:


Showing an interest in hyperreality, I considered recreating famous films or cult classics, such as Alex Prager and his recreation of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ for Bottega Veneta.


I started thinking about the work of Gregory Crewdson in his sci-fi narratives, in his own work he takes inspiration from painters like Edward Hopper – focusing on the romantic notion of an isolated or alone individual.


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