Mood Boards

Today’s task was to create two mood boards looking at Photographers, Painters, Film Directors, Production Design, Interior Design, and Locations which then had to be made into a gridded collage using Photoshop.

  1. Visual direction of project

Mad Max 
The Afronauts – Cristina de Middel
Pieter Hugo
Duane Michals – Paradise Regained
Rihanna – V Magazine (Steven Klein) 
Miles Aldridge 
Awol Eriku – Beyonce 
Sophia Coppola – Daisy 
David Lachapelle
‘The Fall of Man’ – Titian
Miss Dior  


2. Conceptual direction of project

Tim Walker
Gregory Crewdson
David Lachapelle 
The Afronauts – Cristina de Middel
Philip Lorca Dicorcia – ‘Eleven


Making these two mood boards was really beneficial to me in terms of research as I now have great film resources (mad max) and great photographers work to look at, which I could perhaps bring with me when I start my own shoots as visual inspiration and goals I want to achieve in my final image.



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