Magazine Inspiration

I find before I start a shoot, it is really beneficial for me to flick through magazines such as Vogue, W magazine, Elle and Tank to get a visual idea on how I want my image to look. This is especially helpful when trying to think of how I want my models to pose, as I find this is the most difficult creative decision when shooting. I do not like shooting when I am unsure of what action or pose I need my model to do. Magazines are also very helpful when you want to see which background colours, clothes and make up go well together.

  • ‘No Debutante’ by Alasdair McLellan for Vogue UK, September 2015
    – This editorial was especially helpful for my ‘Futuristic’ world. I began thinking about bold bright colours to use for my own backgrounds. I also really liked the bold make up which I  thought was very cutting edge.
  • ‘A Latin Passion’ – Luigi and Iango (Vogue Japan).
    – This issue I found in Vogue Japan gave me inspiration for going for more unusual looks for my ‘Futuristic’ world. ‘A Latin Passion’ made me think about how the use of jewelry, props and hairstyle could make my shoot look very futuristic.
  • Harley Weir – Aya Jones for i-D magazine (2015)
    – This editorial is the visual goal I am trying to achieve in my ‘Utopian’ world, focusing on the colour white for clothing – symbolizing purity, virginity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, cleanliness, humility,  protection, softness, and perfection.
  • Prada (2015)
    – I really liked Prada 2015 models hairstyles – the high twisted ponytails looked really different and thought would look great for the shoot. I also took on board the natural make up prada uses on their models – not too heavy.
  • ‘The Festive Desert’ – Amanda Murphy by Sean & Seng for Vogue Japan June 2015


  • TANK Magazine
  • The Face
  • KinfolkKinfolk was created by Nathan Williams, his wife Katie Searle-Williams and their friends Doug and Paige Bischoff in July 2011.[1][2] Primarily a lifestyle magazine aimed at young professionals, it focuses on home, work, play, food and community through photo essays, recipes, interviews, profiles, personal stories and practical tips. The writers, photographers, designers and chefs that contribute to Kinfolk are drawn from a largely international pool of creative people, often featuring more than 50 individual contributors an issue.
  • AppleJuice

AppleJuice is a blogazine founded by Sarah Brimley. AppleJuice focuses on new talent, and sings the unsung.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.58.48.png

  • Vogue

Vogue Magazine focuses on certain type of woman and lifestyle of that woman by sticking high end fashion labels, brands and prices.

  • iD


I came to this conclusion after thinking about end user context and who my project should be presented too.  Six A3 images is perfect to present my work to an audience as a communitive, educational piece of artwork. Perhaps even more specifically for an audience looking at costume design, make up or presentation of fictional characters. I have also made reference to the more commercial audience my project could be directed to on my blog. Mentioning magazines such as ‘Kinfolk’ and ‘The Face’, as these magazines take on more of a culture, lifestyle, creative approach, presenting photo essays, interviews, personal stories, ideas and discussions in their magazines.


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