The Photography Foundation Pathway was given an opportunity to take the class to London for Free as a day trip out to the Photographers Gallery.

For the trip I made myself an itinerary for the day as I wanted to make a start on taking my first location images to show my ideas on a Utopian, Futuristic and Desolate world.

  • Drop off point – The Photographers’ Gallery, 16-18 Ramillies St, Soho, London W1F 7LW
  • The Natural History Museum – ‘Fight to save the words Ecosystems’ exhabition.
    22 minutes away

  • Kew Gardens –
    48 minutes away

  • The National Science Museum – Technology (potential shooting location for Future world).
    19 minutes away.

  • Hyde Park – potential shooting location for Utopian world
    30 minutes away

  • Saatchi Gallery
    21 minutes away

Reflection for London Trip.

The first exhibition I attended was at The Photographers Gallery, it was an exhibition for ‘The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize’ which is an annual award of £30,000 presented at The Photographers Gallery. Originally established by the Gallery in 1996 as the UK’s first dedicated photography award, it continues to identify, debate and celebrate innovative and original photographic practice from across the world.

I enjoyed seeing how all the different artists presented their work in the gallery; whether it was a book, a framed image or the use of a projector. This inspired me to think about the context to how I will present my final project. At this moment in time I am thinking about presenting my photographs in a book. However, seeing big prints in the gallery made more of a powerful message, and perhaps for my own project focusing on environmental issues – a small book would not do it justice.

The two artists below where the most memorable for me:

Dana Lixenberg

Awoiska Van Der Molen

My aim for the London Trip was to take images of locations for my ‘Utopian to Dystopian’ worlds. I imagined before I went up to London that I would succeed in taking more images for my ‘Futuristic’ world than any of the others , which was correct as we were dropped off in Oxford Street. This was perfect for the futuristic feel with all the bright lights, window displays, population of people and building architecture.







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