Theory – Ecologism

Carol Squires – Essay on Contemporary Photography


“Selling Green”

This September I will be going to Brighton University to study Geography, this is why I wanted my final project at AUB to feature a topic I show great interest for. Part of the assesment criteria was to have theory behind your final project, which is why I chose to base my theory all around Ecologism which I had learnt about in Government and Politics for A Level.

Ecologism is a new political ideology based on the position that the non-human world is worthy of moral consideration, and that this should be taken into account in social, economic, and political systems. Ecologism sets out to transform human consciousness and in the process radically reconfigure our moral responsibilities. Ecologists argue that humankind currently faces the prospect of environmental disaster because of its passionate but blinkered pursuit of material wealth.

As a political ideology, ecoligism is based on the belief that nature is an interconnected whole, embracing humans and non-humans, as well as the inanimate world. This has encouraged ecologists to question the anthropocentric, or human-centred, thinking of conventional political ideologies, allowing them to come up with new ideas about, among other things, economics morality and social organisation. Nevertheless, there are different strains and tendencies within ecologism. Some ecologists are committed to ‘shallow’ ecology (environmentalism), which attempts to harness the lessons of ecology to human ends and ends and embraces a ‘modernist’ approach to environmental change. ‘Deep’ ecologists, on the other and completely reject any belief that the human species is in some way superior to other species.

  • Environmentalism – A concern about the natural environment and particularly about reducing environmental degradation: a policy orientation rather than an ideological stance.
  • Humanism – A philosophy that gives moral priority to the achievement of human needs and ends.

My project is all based around the ideological theory of Ecologism. I was particularly inspired by the words of John Lock and his views on how instead of preserving and respecting the Earth, humans have sought to become “the masters and possessors of nature”, thinking we have some higher authority over the diverse species that live on the planet. The premise for my final major project idea is to explore my love of Geography through the medium of photography. My intention is to have my audience imagine a Utopian or apocalyptic world based on human kinds responsibility to the planet.






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