Visual Ideas and Collages

I wanted to start making my own collages in order to visualize how I wanted my final images to look like. I do not think going straight into a photo-shoot without any idea about how you as the photographer imagine it to look like. As a starting point I used Google Images to gather background visuals of ecosystems for my four different worlds. Nature (Utopia), Wasteland, Futuristic City and Desolate locations.

Nature (Utopia)




Futuristic City


Desolate Dystopia

Once I found the background images that fitted in with my project, I did my research on fashion magazines and found styles I thought connected well with the background; such as the Alexander McQueen 2017 photography campaign, which visually worked with the desolate beach background.

I enjoyed making physical colleges of visual ideas for my final project as I found this was very similar to how Tim Walker thinks through potential ideas by drawing them out,

similarly to how I printed mine out.

Below are the four physical collages I made to help me visualize my final project.

I believe planning out visuals for how I imagined the shoot to look shows I can apply thoughts to real life. This proves that my ideas for how I want a location or studio shoot to look can be created much quicker by showing technicians where I need background paper to be set up and how I want my model to look when working with make up artists, stylists and showing the model how they need to pose in order to create the correct final image.

I did not make any illustrations throughout the entirety of the project, this is because I really struggle to draw. However, I believe physically cutting out images and piecing them together to make a collage shows how I have faced a challenge, by not being able to draw and overcome it by making my own ruff set designs.



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