Tutorial – Wednesday 8/3/17

Tutorial with Lauren:

I was struggling with how I was going to capture a Utopian, Desolate, Futuristic and Wasteland world. This was because there were not many points of reference from other artists. I explained to my tutor Lauren I was having a hard time connecting my work with other artists and she mentioned the work of Julia Fullerton Batten to me because of her exhibition on at The Photographers Gallery, London. By looking at her work I thought about creating my own worlds, looking at set design or choosing the best locations to make sure each world was clear to my audience.

‘Feral Children’.

This project helped me think about taking my ‘Utopian World’ to a woodland, jungle theme setting which is filled with vegetation in support of a green world.

‘Teenage Stories’ and ‘A Testament to Love’.

Both of these projects seemed to fit my ‘Futuristic World’, this was because of locations which feature themes of industrialisation: roads, cars, brands, planes and so on. Both series got me thinking about how perhaps the futuristic world could be shown as something commercial and perfect.

‘Feral Children’ .

This series was perfect for my Desolate and Wasteland worlds, due to the negative and harsh living environments I wanted my audience to imagine in such a world.


Lauren also mentioned about the The Barbican – ‘Constructing Worlds’ Exhibition 2014,. This exhibition was all about Photography and Architecture.

Constructing Worlds looks beyond the ability to simply document the built world and explores the power of photography to reveal wider truths about society. The exhibition brings together over 250 artists works from the 1930s to now, who have changed the way we view architecture and think about the world in which we live.

I was interested in how important artitecture is in a photograph and how it has the potential to make an environment look luxurious, technologically advianced, bleak, or barren.

  • Julius Shulman
    – Futuristic
  • Hiroshi Sugimoto
    – Futuristic 
  • Guy Tillim
    – Wasteland 
  • Simon Norfolk
    – Utopian 
  • Luigi Ghiri
    – Desolate


This tutorial really got me paying attention to settings for my different worlds, it was important to begin research into artitecture as this would be the key factor to differentiate the worlds.



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