Reflection Week Five – 12/3/17

It is important to think about all the different directions a project can go and to not stay so focused on one idea the whole journey. In order to create the best final project at AUB I needed to consider different fields to explore in order to try out something new and give my project some purpose and meaning.

I began looking a famous paintings by artists such as; Vermeer and Wyeth. I took an interest into these artworks because of Photographer Tom Hunter who is commonly known for his referencing to famous paintings within the majority of his work. As seen below in one of his most famous photographs ‘Woman Reading a Possession Order’ where he refers to Johannes Vermeer’s piece – ‘A Girl Reading At a Open Window.’


And again in the painting on the left is called ‘Christina’s world’ by Andrew Wyeth (1948) and Hunter’s image on the right ‘Anchor and Hope’ (2009)


Image 1. ‘The Death of Sardanapalus’ By Eugène Delacroix

Image 2. Death of Coltelli, 2009 – Tom Hunter


The work of Tom Hunter and his subtle re-creations of famous renaissance paintings is inspirational to me and something which I take great interest in as I enjoy theatrical photography (something that feels staged or posed).

Taking inspiration from Tom Hunters work, I wanted to research famous paintings which showed a very romanticized setting such as, ‘Landscape with the Fall of Icarus’ by Pieter Bruegel the Elder and re-create it when talking about the futuristic world or desolate world. This would be great to highlight the drastic differences from potential worlds we could have.


Unfortunately, I was unable to pursue this idea on re-creating famous paintings as the set design was too big of a task to create in such a short amount of time. Had I had longer for the project, I would have had more time to take experiments out on location.


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