Location Shooting

I began location shooting, taking photographs of settings I believe demonstrate my ‘Futuristic, Desolate, Wasteland and Utopian’ worlds. Below are a few images I have taken and are being considered for my green screen background.


Out of all the location shooting I did, the futuristic settings were the most successful. The bright colours and abstract shapes and scale are perfect for something which represents a technologically advanced world.


The first image was the strongest to portray a desolate, dark, grey world. However, the scale of the image does not work when editing a model onto the image using green-screen. I took this image too zoomed in so it would make the model look stuck to the image, rather than looking like she is really in this setting.

Desolate was very hard to capture, aside from taking pictures of concrete and rusting metal frames and gates there was not much I could find in a city centre. However, this problem I was facing just inspired me more to look for other locations which would fit the theme better.


Wasteland and Desolate were the hardest to capture, below are images of fishing nets and disorganised farm sheds. Although the images visually are to scale (aside from the nets) I still do not think a model would look believable in this ‘Wasteland’ environment.

These images look confused and I am starting to question whether having both ‘Wasteland’ and ‘Desolate’ worlds are needed. At this moment in time from my first location shooting they are too visually similar.


The Utopian images did not have the breathtaking feel I had aspired for, I also did not like the scale of the images, it stopped me from carrying out green-screen experiments because the setting was too zoomed in so the model would just look stuck on.

It was important to carry out location experiments because it is helping me develop my images, making them stronger. I can see the technical issues like scale (most of the images are too zoomed in). This is something to bare in mind when going out for my next location shoot. I also want to make sure I start taking my landscape images as portrait rather than landscape.


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