Tutorial 17/3/17

My tutor Lauren said she enjoyed the collages and told me it was good experimentation before my shoots as it gives a clear visual idea about how I want my own images to look, similarly to how photographer illustrate their ideas before a shoot.

It was suggested to me for the Futuristic shoot to consider having the models stand on a surface so the model does not look so fake (stuck on top of the background). This made me think about how I need to be very aware of my foreground images I take, looking at perspective, levels and distance to make my model look apart of that setting.

To help me picture this visually, Lauren showed my the work of Marc De Groot – ‘Shenzhou 9: Grace Guozhi’ for Vogue Netherlands September 2012 issue.

This 2012 shoot helped me think about how I am going to style my model Nancy on Wednesday the 22nd: what colours and what materials to consider, along with what background effects – perhaps the use of lasers or a projector?


Lauren also gave me feedback from my first location images I had taken. Lauren agreed with me about scale and said how it would work better if I took my images further away in order to put my model in the setting rather than just stick them on top – which would make it look really fake. However, Lauren thought the futuristic shots where perfect for what it was representing.







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