Reflection Week Six – 19/3/17

This week has been mostly been about preparing myself for studio shooting. I have been making my own collages which have helped me contextualize my work a lot more than just explaining my work out loud to the class and lectures. I have never been good at drawing and although I should have given this a chance I believe I would have spent ages trying to perfect my illustrations instead of getting on with taking images. However, instead of not planning out how I want my studio images to look, I have overcome this obstacle by making my own set designs through the use of collage (cutting out images and piecing them together).





Location Shooting.

Upon reflection and evaluation I can see how I am carrying out lots of location experiments to try to imagine my different worlds. However, I can recognize that I am perhaps going to the wrong areas to take my images. Next week I need to go to somewhere new and stop taking images so closely. Or if I am really struggling to get the best images for green-screen photoshop collages my lecturer Matt suggested to use images from Google Images to create some test green screen test experiments.


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