Critique – Wednesday 29/3/17 and Reflection Week Seven – 26/3/17

For this critique we had to show what we have been doing so far in front of the whole class in order to get some useful feedback about our work, making sure an audience can understand what your photography is trying to convey.

At this stage in my final project I had shot the Utopian and Futuristic worlds which I showed to the class. I began with showing my Utopian world and explained my intention to to shoot on a blue colour background and also to shoot on a green screen so I could Photoshop my model into Utopian locations. After explaining my idea to the class they much preferred the studio shoot with the blue background rather than the Photoshop green screen images.


The class thought the Photoshop images need to be more over the top if I am going to go for the garish approach for all of my images, as they are not kitch enough. The feedback I got from the class was also from a technical and visual viewpoint as they pointed out that the model looks like she has been placed on top of the image because the lighting on background and model does not match.

Following on from the Utopian world, I then showed them what I had done for the Futuristic world. The class thought these green screen shots were more playful and look good but would like to see how they would look on a real location.


Reflection Week Seven – 26/3/17.

Reflecting on the critique I started researching how I could show my studio work as this is what the class preferred to the Green Screen experiments. I think Jamie Hawkesworth’s – Miu Miu photoshoot campaign is really relevant and will enable me to use my studio images which are the strongest. However, I recognise I will need to show some sort of landscape so my audience can understand what sort of landscapes or worlds I am presenting. Hawkesworth places a studio portrait of a model side by side to a location which is how I want to layout my own images.

Looking back over my studio images I have taken so far this week I can see I will have to keep the landscape images really natural so they do not distract from the character. I have also considered having a prop side by side to the image? Or try making a collage by printing the studio prints and placing objects on them (putting sand on the desolate world).

I am also considering making ‘Utopia to Dystopia’ into a book, like a look-book. I will carry out Blurb experiments next week to get an idea what it will look like after I have finished all my studio shoots and location shoots.

Considerations for exhibition prints: Big prints 3/4 next to each other at size A3 or A2?





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