Final and Reflection Week 10 – 23/4/17








I made the creative decision to have my 6 final images printed A3 size because I was thinking about the end user context of my work and who my audience is. My 6 images should be viewed as a commutative piece of art in a gallery. This is because of the strong message I am putting out to the world as an educational art piece which should inspire people to think about the environment and the potential worlds or environments mankind could create.

Technical difficulties. 

I experienced printing issues with the desolate world image the most. This was because my camera focus had missed my models eyes and instead had hit her arm instead as seen below. The blurred eyes seemed fine to me on the computer and I did not even realise how distracting it was to not have focus on the models eyes until I printed the image A3 size.

I was very pleased that I carried out test prints before I sent my final images off to be printed, as it gave me a chance to make final edits to get the best quality print.

better 5

Below is my final desolate image which I had printed for the final exhibition. I used photoshop actions and pressed play on ‘Margulis PPW Actions v.41′, which opened up a folder of 14 actions. I chose ‘Sharpen 2015’.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.40.35.png

However, I did not release the action would change the picture from RGB to LAB Colour – causing my test print to come out really dark, as seen below.


Once I figured out the problem I changed the image back to RGB colour on Photoshop and got my final ‘Desolate World’ image, as seen below.



Reflection weeks have kept me on track through this project because I I had to keep writing: why I was doing specific experiments, what they mean, what artists I was researching and how everything linked back to my original brief, which was to explore human kinds responsibility to the planet, through using the medium of Film to make my own characters because people seem to be more interested when the environment is presented in a Film for entertainment purposes. Evaluation and reflection was brilliant for demonstrating how every decision I made was because I wanted to show my intentions of the proposal, which my final images are successful in doing.


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